Aluminum Doors and Windows

TABLE OF CONTENT of Aluminium Door & Window Manufacturing Business



2.1 Introduction

2.2 Vision and Mission

2.3 Ownership of the Enterprises

2.4 Location and Facilities

2.5 Services

2.6 Business Strategy

2.7 Key Success factors

2.8 Revenue base


3.1 Nature and Size

3.2 Target Industry

3.3 Key Competitors and players

3.4 Service Delivery

3.5 Quality Assurance

3.6 Demand/Supply Analysis

3.7 Technology

3.8 Competitive Edge


4.1 Marketing Plans

4.2 Promotion and Distribution Strategy

4.3 Alliances

4.4 Market Positioning

4.5 Service Delivery Strategy

4.6 SWOT Analysis

5.0 Organization and management

5.1 Organizational Structure

5.2 Shareholders and Directors

5.3 Management Team

5.4 External Support

5.5 Personnel Plan

5.6 Values and Norms of the Company


6.1 Regulatory Issue

6.2 Social Issue

6.3 Environmental Issue

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of Aluminum Door & Window Manufacturing Business Plan

The purpose of this business plan to support a request for a N500,000,
five-year bank loan to purchase equipment and inventory as part of the
financing for a start-up sole proprietorship, Nigeria Aluminum
Enterprise. The business will be owned by Mr. Ugwu Celestine Chibuike
and will be located in rented space at 20 New Anglican Rd, Abakaliki
to Nsukka, Enugu State. The owner will provide a minimum of N140,000
as initial equity.

The business will produce Aluminum steel doors, windows, showcases,
counters, tables, gates, cupboards and other products for households
and business establishments. Based on the financial and competitive
analysis presented in this plan, Nigeria Aluminum Enterprise Will be
successful. The cash flow projection, Exhibit 1, one-year cash flow
projection, indicates positive cash flow.

It is anticipated that, Nigeria Aluminum Enterprise. Will become the lead
in market share for Nsukka and the surrounding communities within two
years and will begin to develop a regional presence within five years.

Enterprise’s vision trigger, “Quality Service, Our Goal” will assist
the company in distancing itself from its competitors.

The owner, Ugwu Celestine C. had extensive experience in the Aluminum
fabrication industry. He is also a 3rd year student of Accountancy in
University of Nigeria Enugu Campus.

This business plan is aimed at supporting a request for N400,000 five
year ban loan to purchase equipment and inventory as part of the
financing for a start up sole proprietorship Nigeria Aluminum enterprise.
The business will be owned by Mr. Ugwu Celestine C and will be located
in rented a space at Aku road Nsukka Enugu State. The owner will
provide a minimum of 130,000 as it’s initial capital contribution.


Nigeria Aluminum Enterprise will be located at 20 New Anglican Rd. Nsukka
Enugu State. Nsukka is a small, urban community with warehouse space
at affordable prices. The

estimated opening of the fabrication site is schedules for July 2, 2017.

Ugwu Celestine Chibuike will own the business as a sole
proprietorship. Ugwu Celestine has had 6 years of experience in the
aluminum business, 2 years as the general manager of a family owned
aluminum fabrication business. During this time span, the company
increased ite profits by at least 5% every year.

Nigeria Aluminum Enterprise. Will fabricate aluminum windows,. Doors,
gates, and other household items. A variety of other markets will be
targeted, hospitals and educational institutions; however, Nigeria
Aluminum Enterprise will focus its marketing on the building industry.
The aluminum used for production will be supplied through regional
firms. All elements of the fabrication process will be completed in
shop thus eliminating the need to subcontract.

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Nigeria Aluminum Enterprise will be successful because its plan is based
on the experience of its founder; Ugwu Celestine Chibuike has proven
his ability to succeed in this

industry for 6 years. The building industry is growing which creates a
need for the kind of products that Nigeria Aluminum Enterprise produces.
The other market areas (households, offices, hospitals, educational
facilities, etc) are growing as well.


Market analysis is favourable toward the Aluminum and steel products
fabrication business in Nigeria, especially in Nsukka Enugu state
which is developing building infrastructure at a rapid rate.

A major factor for this favourable status is the fact that Enugu state
as a young is trying to grow and meet other developed state in
Nigeria. The choice of Nsukka is because that is where all the
government infrastructural development is situated. It is the centre
of development of Enugu State individuals as well are developing
building both residential and business at a very fast rate and the
demand for these aluminum windows and doors are outgrowing the supply
of the same.

Not only is the building industry expected to grow in the future, but
so arte Nigeria Aluminum Enterprise’s other target markets: hospitals,
educational facilities and businesses requiring aluminum products.
This is due, in large part, to the increase in the nation’s
population. Nsukka and its surrounding communities are experiencing
the highest level of growth compared to any other areas= in Enugu

All of the factors mentioned above will prove beneficial to the
success of Nigeria Aluminum Enterprise in the future.


In five years, Nigeria Aluminum Enterprise will become the premier
aluminum fabricating business in Nsukka and throughout its surrounding
area. Nigeria Aluminum Enterprise. Will also establish its name as a
national presence in the industry.


The main vision trigger will be the slogan: quality service, our goal
“the vision trigger will emphasize the premium

quality, the utility, and the competitive pricing of the products sold
to customers.


Nigeria Aluminum Enterprise mission is presented below:

We, the employees and management of Nigeria Aluminum enterprise make this
pledge to you, our valued customers.

We pledge that we will serve your aluminum needs in a prompt and
friendly manner.

We pledge that we will provide quality aluminum windows and doors.

We pledge that we will be good community citizens, respectful of the
environment, and friendly neighbors to the surrounding businesses.

We pledge that we will always present a positive public image

We pledge that we will be responsive to your suggestions and concerns.

BUSINESS OBJECTIVES of Aluminum Door & Window Manufacturing Business Plan

Nigeria Aluminum Enterprise will have these business objectives during
its first three years of operation:

1) Owner’s draw of N120,000 by the end of years 1.

2) Cash break-even by the end of year 1

3) Owner’s draw of N200,000 by the end of years 2


The operations of Nigeria Aluminum Enterprise will be described using the
main functions of the business: marketing, competitive analysis, legal
structure, management expertise, support personnel; and financial



GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Chudi-Oji Chukwuka
Account No – 0044157183

After payment text your name and e-mail address to 08060565721 and you’ll receive your ALUMINUM DOOR AND WINDOW MANUFACTURING BUSINESS PLAN / FEASIBILITY STUDY IN NIGERIA.

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