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Bead Making Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study

Bead Making Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study


1.1 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY of Bead Jewelry Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study

Name and ownership of enterprise:

The proposed business enterprise, by Miss. Okorie Ukamaka.

1.2 Location

Unique Bead House is located at No.5 Umunya, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

1.3 Target marking

Our target market consists of females and males within the Abakaliki,
Afikpo and Ezzamgbo regions of Ebonyi State.

1.4 Key Competitors

At present there are no established competitors. However, private
individuals who practice our line of trade for ensure exist to a large

1.5 Marketing Plan

To successfully market our projects, we intend to employ the following means:

a. Media advertising

b. Raffle draws for customers.

c. Road shows, etc

1.6 Operational Features

– Bead Jewelry design and fashion

– Repair of head Jewelry and household items.

– Fabrication of coral beads for chiefs, kings, and others.

– Consultations and training.

1.7 Management Team

The key members of Unique Beads House management team are:

1. Professional bead designers with at least B.Sc in fashion designing.

2. Professional and semi-skilled bead craftsmen.

3. Regional manager with at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Business management

4. Company Accountant with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy or
Banking and Finance etc.

1.8 Projected Financial Performance


We seek to be an enterprise in Nigerian states and beyond,
transforming the world of jewelry and household utility.


Unique Bead House exists in Nigeria to extend the scope of jewelry and
household utility through creatively designed, fabricated and marketed
bead jewelries and household items. Our target customers are adult
females and males.


Unique Bead House is a sole proprietorship owned and run by Miss.
Okorie Ukamaka Janet.


Unique Bead House is a registered member of the Corporate Affairs
Commission (CAC).


Unique Bead House is located at No.5 Umunya Street, Abakaliki, Ebonyi
State.We also have sales outlets in Afikpo and Ezzamgbo.

The location of the enterprise gives adequate access to the source of
raw materials. We have adequate facilities and skilled personnel for
design, production, packaging and delivery of our products.

PRODUCTS/SERVICES of Bead Jewelry Business Plan / Feasibility Study

Unique Bead House offer the following products and services to our customers:


v Earring and necklace design.

v Bracelets, rings and other designs.

v Coral beads and traditional beads.

v Household utility items such as flower pots and vases using beads.

v Jewelry repair for jewelries of all kinds.

v Personalised Jewelry for customers who make such demands. These
demands could be in the case of mass production for weddings and other


v Sale of bead jewelry and household utility items through our various
sales outlets.

v Door step delivery for large scale purchases made at Unique Bead House.


v We also offer advice to customers on their choice of gifts and
possible ways of packaging of such gifts.

v Organised training sessions for customers who desire to learn the
art of bead jewelry fabrication.


Below is a summary of our production process:

Jewelry Supplies/Tools:

Tools required for making pearl necklaces:

· Wire, fishing line stringing wire and necklaces.

· Pearls, beads and gemstones.

· Metal clasps (for Bracelets).

· Fine chain (for Bracelets).

· Pliers of all kinds (Round Nose, crimping pliers, chain nose pliers,
bent chain nose pliers, nylon jaw pliers, etc.)

· Cutter of different types (Flush cutter, Soft Flex Cutter, etc).

· Acrylic jigs

· Metal pegs

· Anvils

· Cup burs

· Hooks, etc

· Ruler/ measuring tape.

Skills Required:

· Use of a Jig to make a wire component.

· Ability to use crimping pliers to crimp a crimp bead.

· Ability to combine bead stringing wire, beads, and a clasp into a
necklace and bracelet.

· Ability to string beads on Soft Flex.


Jewelries form a very large part of the fashion industry. Fashion is
something that evolves; it changes and grows in a lot of different
ways. The fashion industry network is without a doubt one of the
largest growing sector in the world. This is what influences the
clothes and costumes of people all over the world be it in real life.
We therefore believe that our opportunities are limitless.


Our strategy is to be a reliable source of high quality and affordable
items of bead jewelry and beaded household utility items.


The major factors which predispose Unique Bead House to success are:

Ø the Fashion industry which our enterprise falls under

3.0 MARKET for the Bead Jewelry Business Plan / Proposal

Unique Bead House has a very wide market as our products and services
are for use by both males and females, especially within Ebonyi State
and beyond. Though the fashion industry, of which our enterprise is a
part, is one that experiences continuous fluctuations in demand and
desires of our customers, we believe that our products possess a
unique nature that can stand the changes in tastes of our customers.
Considering the fact that our products are a combination of the
nominal fashion jewelries and beads of all kinds, we would sure be in
business for quite a very long period of time.


GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Chudi-Oji Chukwuka
Account No – 0044157183

After payment text your name and e-mail address to 08060565721 and you’ll receive your BEAD JEWELRY BUSINESS PLAN / FEASIBILITY STUDY IN NIGERIA.

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