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coconut chips
Coconut Chips


1.0 Executive Summary 1
Chart: Highlights
1.1 Objectives 1
1.2 Mission 1
1.3 Keys to Success 1
2.0 Company Summary
2.1 Company History
2.2 Company Ownership
2.3 Company Locations and Facilities
3.0 Products 1
3.1 Product Description 1
3.2 Competitive Comparison 1
3.3 Sales Literature 1
3.4 Sourcing 1
3.5 Future Products 1
4.0 Market Analysis Summary 1
4.1 Market Segmentation 1
Table: Market Analysis 1
Chart: Market Analysis (Pie) 1
4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy 1
4.2.1 Market Growth 1
4.3 Industry Analysis 1
4.3.1 Competition and Buying Patterns 1
4.3.2 Main Competitors 1
4.3.3 Industry Participants 1
4.3.4 Distribution Patterns 1
5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary 1
5.1 Marketing Strategy 1
5.1.1 Promotion Strategy 1
5.1.2 Distribution Strategy 1
5.1.3 Pricing Strategy 1
5.2 Sales Strategy 1
5.2.1 Sales Programs 1
5.2.2 Sales Forecast 1
Table: Sales Forecast 1
Chart: Sales Monthly 1
Chart: Sales by Year 1
5.3 Strategic Alliances 1
5.4 Milestones 1
Table: Milestones 1
Chart: Milestones 1
6.0 Management Summary 1
6.1 Organizational Structure 1
6.2 Management Team
6.3 Management Team Gaps 1
6.4 Personnel Plan 1
Table: Personnel 1
7.0 Financial Plan 1
7.1 Important Assumptions 1
Table: General Assumptions 1
7.2 Key Financial Indicators 1
Chart: Benchmarks 1
7.3 Break-even Analysis 1
Table: Break-even Analysis 1
Chart: Break-even Analysis 1
7.4 Projected Profit and Loss 1
Chart: Gross Margin Monthly 1
Chart: Gross Margin Yearly
Table: Profit and Loss
Chart: Profit Monthly
Chart: Profit Yearly
7.5 Projected Cash Flow
Chart: Cash
Table: Cash Flow
7.6 Projected Balance Sheet
7.6 Projected Balance Sheet
Table: Balance Sheet
7.7 Business Ratios
7.7 Business Ratios
Table: Ratios
Table: Sales Forecast
Table: Personnel
Table: Personnel
Table: Profit and Loss
Table: Profit and Loss
Table: Cash Flow
Table: Cash Flow
Table: Balance Sheet
Table: Balance Sheet
Table: General Assumptions

1.0 Executive Summary of Our Coconut Chips Business Plan / Feasibility Study

ABC company is a manufacturer of authentic African snacks which consists mainly of coconut chips. Our products are positioned at the high end of the market in terms of both quality and market value. ABC Coconut Chips Ltd, maker of Cocochips is a snack-evolving start-up that intends to produce quality assured, yet affordable and healthy snack foods, using coconuts as our main raw material. We intend to adopt our carefully and tested recipe that caters for the health and physical needs of our customers.

ABC Coconut has several objectives that they will achieve within the next three years. The first is an increase in sales reaching two hundred million naira by Year 5. ABC would like gross margins to be above 55%. We also hope to have 40 different outlets that will distribute our products. Lastly, we aim to become known as the premier and largest authentic African coconut snack producer in Nigeria with an ever-expanding geographic distribution area.
ABC has targeted three main customer groups to sell their products to. The first group is super markets / grocery stores. These grocery stores will then sell directly to the end consumer. This segment is growing at 75% and there are currently about 53 potential customers. The second group is wholesale distributors. This segment has a 100% growth rate with 5 potential distributors. The last customer segments are fast food/restaurant outlets which have a 45% growth rate. There are 18 potential fast food customers. As mentioned before, ABC snacks are healthy for both the young and old. The market in Nigeria has indicated that quality snack products have broader appeal and ABC has recognized this and acted accordingly.

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2.0 Business Description

Company Summary:

ABC the maker of Cocochips is a snack-evolving start-up that intends to produce quality assured, yet affordable and healthy snack foods, using coconuts as our main raw material. We intend to adopt our carefully and tested recipe that caters for the health and physical needs of our customers.

2.1 Goals and Vision
Increase sales significantly over the next three years.
Improve gross margin % over the current product line and maintain that level.
Add products and services to meet market demand, again at high gross margin.
Improve inventory turn-over; reduce the cost of goods sold while maintaining the high quality of the products.
To provide jobs to the eastern Nigerian community that are rewarding and fulfilling.
Become the largest coconut chips making company in Nigeria.

2.2 Mission Statement
We redefine the act of snack-making by balancing the requisite nutritional needs of both children and adults of all ages. Improving on what is available and providing new products and services to the areas of need will assure our success in a market driven by consumer demand.

2.3 Our Competitive advantages are:
Delivering high quality products that set themselves apart from the others in taste and value.
Providing service, support, and a better than average margin to our dealers.
Increase gross margin %.
Bring new products into the mix to increase sales volume.

2.3 Definition of the Market (Coconut Chips Business Plan)
Industry Description
With her population, Nigeria provides a large and attractive retail snack sector. The major traditional foodstuffs consumed by the majority of the population including corn, coconuts, sorghum, tubers, sea foods are predominantly unprocessed and/or semi processed. However changing demographics and lifestyles are resulting in increasing consumer preference for wide range of convenience processed and packaged as well as nutrition foods. These are assisting Nigerian retail food/snack sector to expand.
Nigeria’s domestic manufacturing recorded average capital utilization of 53% in 2010.

Nigeria had a history of developed supermarket industry until social and economic changes in early 1980s diminished the country’s middle class significantly. Since then most Nigerian shop at traditional open air markets or purchase their goods from traders or street vendors. Currently, Nigeria’s retail food sector consists of supermarkets, convenience stores / small groceries and traditional open air markets sharing 1%, 34% and 65% of total retail food sales respectively.

3.0 Description of Products and Services


3.1 Product Description

3.2 Processing Method Patterns:

3.3 ABC Coconut Chips Company Start-up Equipment includes:



GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Chudi-Oji Chukwuka
Account No – 0044157183

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