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It is very evident that we are in the information technology age. The internet is now an intricate part of us and we all need the services of the internet at one point or the other, during our day to day activities.
This is the reason why most people are keen to become computer literates because that is a major means to assess the much needed internet.

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We quite agree the basic needs of man are food, clothing and shelter. However, in this information technology age, if a computer is categorized as one of the basic needs of man then it is not too far from the truth. They are used in almost all establishments, organizations, companies, hospitals, schools,  banks to mention but just a few.
Computers just make things so much easier,  information is dispersed at a very fast rate,  researches are conducted without stress, calculations are made,  designs are made,  some organizations even go as far as creating software that is unique to them and can perform special tasks, the workplace is monitored, designs are carried out, data is processed, information is stored, and many more.
We can’t possibly finish listing out the benefits of having a computer at the work place, at home or in your pocket. It is a whole lot.
That being said people especially young people who do not know how to operate the computer really feels left out and most times loose opportunities because the do not possess the computer knowledge that is required for that particular position and that is where a computer training school comes in.
It is true that there are a lot of computer training facilities in the country, but the truth remains that majority of these computer training schools also referred to as computer centers are not well equipped to carry out such trainings.
There are actually just a few computer training centers that are well equipped with the technical and professional know how to carry out computer trainings and when you compare that with the number of Nigerians that are in dire need of being computer literate, you will see that there is indeed a huge gap left to feel.
Take note that when we talk about people being computer literate we do not just mean people being able to operate their smart phones or access the internet. We are talking about knowing how to operate the computer and mastering the applications in it such as MS word, MS excel, corel draw and many others.
So you see that there is actually a huge market for it as people want to make sure that they are very effective in the work place and that they get jobs done in time.
We’ll start from definitions.
A computer training school is an institution where people can enroll into to learn how to fully operate a computer and make the most out of the applications in it such as MS word, MS Excel amongst others.
Almost if not all organizations, offices and establishments make use of the computer in their day to day activities so any one who does not have a good grip on how to operate a computer will not even be considered for most positions.
It does not just end at getting good positions in establishments but to maintain their relevance and to facilitate promotions people need to stay abreast of all new innovations and technology that are introduced in the world of a computer.
This is also not just about getting white collar jobs. People need computer knowledge for a whole lot of personal reasons, most people work from home and some people’s entrepreneurship is done out of a computer so to ensure that they deliver optimum services to their clients they will want to learn all that they can about the computer.
All of this implies that the services of a computer training school will always be required by both people who know nothing about how to operate the computer and people who want to update and add to what they already know about operating the computer. This is a huge market.
 There are various ways you can operate your computer training school. We will discuss that and all that you’ll have to do is to pick the one that suits you more and one you are very sure that you will be able to run effectively.
The first that we are going to discuss is Computer training in the home. Just as the name implies, this mode of training is one in which you will be going to the houses of your clients at a scheduled time to teach them all that they need to know about operating the computer. You can choose to be paid weekly or monthly it all depends on your agreement with your client.  The advantage of this mode of computer training is that you do not need to spend money getting an office space as the training will be done at the home of the clients.
The second mode of training is the Corporate computer training. This type of training involves being contracted by a corporate body to train their employees on certain software, applications, programs, and other things in the computer.  This is actually very common in the corporate world as most of these organizations in a bid to ensure that their employees are doing their job very well and to improve productivity will organize trainings of this nature and invite someone who is very good and well versed in operating rye computer to train them.  Some even arrange for tests to make sure that the employees really learnt what they were taught.
The third one we are going to discuss is actually the most common method of computer training and that is getting a place where you will furnish with computers more like a classroom where people can come and be taught all they need about operating a computer. You can create packages and teach clients according to the package that they choose.  This one is costs a lot of money because you’ll have to get a place,  have a steady power supply as well as an alternative source of power which could be generator, inverter or the like, have computers where your clients will learn and practice and many other necessities. However, it is the one that brings in more profits than the others.
And then there is the Internet based computer training. This type of training is not well known in the country. It is the type of computer training that is internet based, where the clients are taught online.  Money can also be made in this type of computer training by the sale of computer training materials such as eBooks, videos, audios etc.
If you have decided to go into the business of computer training, we have very helpful information that will enable you to be successful in the business in no time and make a lot of profits.
Before you go into the business, you should make sure that you know enough to teach.  You cannot teach what you do not know and if your clients find out that you do not have the skills you claim to possess, they will quickly leave you for another person who does.  So make sure that you know every possible thing that there is know.  Be well grounded and never consider anything to be too little or small to study. Go for the necessary trainings and get the required certificates.  Trust us,  you will be glad you did.  You can even add some advanced programs to your school such as Animation programs, publishing platforms and multimedia programs and how will you have the added advantage of running these programs in your computer training school if you do not have enough knowledge about it.
Another thing you should acquire knowledge about is how to teach people.  It is one thing to know something and it is a total different thing to teach. Someone might know something very well and still not be able to convey the needed information properly. So you need to get some kind of experience and know how to convey information to your clients in a way that they will understand with little or no difficulty. Also create syllabus to assist you in teaching. The syllabus will help you to effectively pass across the knowledge as each course will be  broken down into modules so that your clients will not be lost but will tag along step by step as the lecture progresses.
  • Next, you need to write a computer training center business plan.  Unlike some people think,  business plans are not just for the business of buying and selling.  All sorts of business in which you are looking forward to make profits from will require you to have a business plan, computer training business included. Having a business plan will make you aware of things you would have ordinarily ignored, it will make clear your plans for growth and expansion and the strategies you intend to adopt to achieve your set goal. It will also come in handy when you need to attract investors and when you need to get loans and grants from financial institutions.
Moving on,  you have to select which type of computer training you want to run. We have explained properly the methods of running a computer training which are: home computer training, corporate computer training, computer training from a designated space or location and internet based computer training. If you can juggle all of them together and you have the capacity and technical know how to do all of them then you can go ahead.  However, if you cannot do all of them then it is strongly advised that you pick one that you are very comfortable with and that you have the capital for.  Don’t go taking on something that you will crumble under the weight of. It is very much okay to start little, at least this way you will get the much needed experience that is highly required for any business so that when you are now ready to start big you will not make some costly mistakes.
A very important factor you must not forget is business name registration. The body responsible for this to the Corporate Affairs Commission.  Ensure that your business is properly registered. When you have done that you will be given a certificate showing registration of business name with your BN number on it.  This gives you priority over the name and is a guarantee that no other venture will use your business name. The fact that your business name has been registered with the CAC also shows your clients and investors alike that you are indeed serious about the business.  It is also required that your business name registration registered before you can open a corporate account for your business venture.  It is indeed a very necessary step you cannot do without.
Now let us talk about staff.  This of course is very important as employees can either make or Mar a business venture.    Make sure you hire employees that have the right qualifications. Now you do not just stop at hiring staff, you also have to invest in training them. You cannot just allow them to behave as they please, they have to know that they must be punctual, take their job serious and conduct themselves in a professional manner.  They should also master the act of customer care. The success of a business is not just all about getting clients but also has a lot to do with retaining that and what better way to ensure this than by good customer care.  This will make your clients happy and ensure that they keeping returning to your establishment.  Not just that,  they will tell their acquaintances who require  the same services and who says no to free yet effective advertisement.
This now brings us to the issue of advertising.  Your services can be top notch and your training school well equipped and conducive but yet you won’t get clients. And the reason would be that people do not know about your services.  If people do not know about you and the services that you render then how will they patronize you.  Do not underestimate the power of advertisements. You have to put yourself and your brand out there, let people be aware of you and the services that you offer. There are different means by which you can advertise which include: social media, television, radio, billboards, handbills amongst others. Just select one that you can afford and go for it.  Have it at the back of your mind that the more people know about you and your service the more people are likely to patronize you.  It is that simple.
Location is also an important factor to be considered. Ensure that you pick a location that is accessible and not difficult to locate, so that people will find it easy to come to your establishment, otherwise they would just go to the one that can be assessed easily. No one would want to stress themselves just because they want to come to your establishment when they can get the same service from another place that they can access with ease.
You can furnish your computer training school to suit your taste and according to the size of your pocket. Just ensure that the space is conducive for learning and that are computers for the clients to learn with as computer training is not a theory based one.
To make the most out of your computer training school, you can have three sessions a day. One in the morning, another in the afternoon and another in the evening.  The morning session could run from 8.00am -12.00pm. The afternoon session will them commence from 12.00pm – 4pm and the evening session will start from 4.00PM – 8.00PM. This way you get to accommodate more clients and that means more money.

Hurry now, GET YOUR Computer Training School Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Study. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Chudi-Oji Chukwuka
Account No – 0044157183

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After paying for your Computer Training Center Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Study, send your email and payment details to 08060565721.

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