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How Much Does It Cost To Write A Business Plan In Nigeria

How Much Does It Cost To Write A Business Plan In Nigeria

Over time, more people have come to realize the importance of a business plan for any business that they want to venture into. The importance of writing a business plan for a business cannot be overemphasized and includes to attract investors, to access loan facilities, to help know everything that there is to know about your business, to set goals for your business with practical steps on how to achieve it amongst others. Hence, a lot of persons are desirous to write a business plan for their businesses as a result of the numerous benefits that there is to gain.

However, the question that is dominant on people’s mind is how much it will take to write a standard business plan so they can know whether or not they are financially ready to handle such and that is what we are going to discuss to the fullest in this article.

  • While answering the question of how much it will cost you to have a standard business plan, there are some issues that we’ll like to bring to your attention. Just consider it as a check list to know the quality of business plan you are getting from a business plan writer. The fact is that some people are claiming to be professionals in writing business plans when they cannot write a standard business plan and when you engage the services of such people what you will get will be a business plan that is of very low quality and that will not serve any purpose whatsoever, which means that you have wasted funds that should have been put to good use. There are also some who claim to have business plans for sale and when you purchase it you will see that it is not up to standard and a lot of vital requirements of a business plan were left out. But the good news is that there are actually professionals who are very good at what they do and who will give you good value for your money. The professionals can write a custom business plan for you tailored to meet all the requirements that a standard business plan should have.

How Much Does It Cost To Write A Business Plan In NigeriaUnlike some people tend to believe, it is quite easy to know those who cannot give you a standard business plan but claim to know how to write one. One of the easy ways to spot them is by checking out their blog posts. If the blog posts contain a lot of grammatical and typographical errors then how will such a person be able to give you a quality business plan. Such a business plan will not only be filled with errors but will not be written to meet the Bank of Industry standard. The content of the blog post can also help out here. If it is filled with information that is so irrelevant and not related to the topic in question, you should not ignore that, because the business plan you will get will be of same inferior quality. Some of them just go ahead and copy and paste another person’s work completely without an ounce of originality whatsoever. A person who acts this way will definitely not have the patience to conduct a proper research and come up with a quality business plan. What you might get, even though will look like and have the format of a business plan will be lacking in crucial details.
You must have heard of the popular saying, “jack of all trade, master of none”. The fact is that a lot of persons claim to be a lot of things on the internet when they can only defend a few. A person who claims to a social media influencer, inspirational speaker, affiliate marketer, and everything one can be online as well as being a professional in every business is a practical example of a jack of all trade who is master of none. It is so not true that such a person will be able to give you the same quality of business plan as someone who specializes on writing business plans.

How Much Does It Cost To Write A Business Plan In Nigeria

Now let us discuss the various prices at which someone can get a business plan in Nigeria

  • Before we proceed, bear it in mind that the business plans that can be gotten online in Nigeria are of two types.  There is the Pre-written Business Plan and there is the custom business plan. We’ll discuss these types of business plan in details as well as how much they can be gotten for.
  • The Pre-written Business Plans are those plans that have already been written and then sold to people when they require it. Usually when you buy this type of business plan, you will have to adapt it to fit your location, budget and peculiar business need. However, you cannot just make payment without being sure of what you want to purchase, you have to ask the person who is selling the business plan to you some questions such to be sure of the quality of business plan that you are about to purchase. Another important factor you have to be sure of is when the business plan was last updated, so as to know if you are purchasing something that is up to date and which is applicable to the current market situation. The Pre-written Business Plan is actually cheaper than the custom business plan and costs from N10,000 to N30,000 depending on the price that you and the seller agrees on.
  • The Custom written Business Plan on the other hand is one that is written just for you from the scratch. The price for this type of business plan varies and depends on a lot of factors such as the person that is writing the business plan for you, the kind of business that you require the business plan for, the date you want the business plan to be ready amongst others. It could cost from 80,000 naira and get to as high as 500,000 naira or even more depending on the factors already mentioned. The price for a custom business plan is really high, much more than a pre written business plan and while some business plan writers might not be open to negotiation, others are willing to negotiate so you have to use your bargaining prowess to get a reduced price that will not compromise the quality of what you are getting. If you want a custom business plan you have to be very sure that the person who will be writing the business plan for you is really a professional who will do a good job and give you a business plan that is of good quality and can serve any purpose you want it to serve whether it is to attract investors, convince stakeholders, get a loan facility amongst others. You would not want to spend so much resources and not get your money’s worth so be sure of who you are contracting to handle this for you.

So now all you have to do is to choose a mode of getting your business plan that is convenient for you and that you can afford.


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