Event Management

Event Management

Nigeria has various ethnic groups with their varying cultures and understanding these diverse cultures is a good way to access what propels demand for your services or products. Having a good knowledge of what the majority of the populace wants is a good way to determine a business venture that brings in a lot of profit.

This method is used by most Nigerian artists , who found out that Nigerians love dancehall music with beats. People cannot stand to be separated from what they love, what they’ve grown used to or what they are attached to.

Events are precious moments in the life of people so they don’t joke about it and when an event is properly planned and managed the celebrants are happy beyond words as their special moments were indeed made special.

Starting Up An Event Management Company

Event management is a very lucrative business venture as there is a high number of events that take place in the country on a daily basis ranging from weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, naming ceremonies etc. So if you are thinking of a business to engage you should try event management .
Events managers are always needed because most people don’t have time to plan out their events. Also everything, events included, are always better handled by a professional. Therefore if you are a professional events manager, you’ll always be called upon, as everyone loves their events going smoothly with little or no hitches.

Target Market

The target market for an events manager is quite large. It can be divided into two;

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(i)Corperate events; this includes, conferences, seminars, work shops etc. Cooperate bodies employ these events to bring clients together and create a rapport or to create awareness for a product or service.

(ii)Social events; This includes birthday parties,wedding ceremonies,funerals,anniversaries etc. Social events keep growing as people feel a need to celebrate their life experiences.

Start Up Cost of An Event Planning Business

A lot of persons ask this question before venturing into a business and events management is not excluded.
Most persons give up on becoming event managers, because they assume that they’ll need to acquire all the necessary equipment, like; cooling van, have a catering service, buy chairs,rugs,canopies, have an event centre etc.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily need all these. An event manager is simply a person who manages the proceedings of an event, making sure that there is minimal or no problems encountered in carrying out the event plan.
So you see? With the right training you are good to go.




Event planning business plan in nigeriaExecutive Summary
Business Description
Products and services
Competitive Advantage
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Sales and Marketing Plan
Operational Plan
Business Risk
Management and Structure
Financial Plan and Projections


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