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A lot of businesses are currently booming in Nigeria and cold room business is one of them. This is as a result of the fact that a lot of people living in the urban areas don’t have easy access to fresh food. More so properly cleaning and getting ready fresh food is time and energy consuming which is why cold rooms are highly patronised. This explains why cold room business is very lucrative as a kilogram of frozen chicken goes for as high as 1,000 naira and even more.

There is a saying that when one fails to plan the person has planed to fail. This also applies to cold room business. You’ll have to properly consider the business and evaluate the different factors that can affect the profit rate an example of which is the issue of electricity prevalent in the country. When you’ve arrived at the proper conclusions and plans, then implemented them rightly, be certain that you’ll have a good profit rate as an average cold room makes 200,000 naira every month.

How to run a successful cold room business

1. Have a Business Plan for your Cold room company

The first step for the success of every business is to have a business plan regardless of how small it might appear. To do this you’ll need to conduct an intensive feasibility study concerning the frozen food business. You’ll have to be aware of the fact that other people are in the business so you have to plan and ensure that you’ll attract customers and maintain them. Is not a bad idea to seek professional advice or make enquires from business plan writers / someone who has been successful in the business.

2. Raise Business Capital for the Cold room establishment

Frozen food business just like every business requires capital to start. The amount of capital needed depends on whether you want your business to be small scale or large scale. You can get the capital through savings, loans or from family and friends. The capital required is not just for start up, it also needs to include the money that will be used for running the business as well as for maintenance and repairs for at least three months before substantial profits starts coming in.

3. Decide on Your Product Line

Many options are available in this line of business as a result of the fact that many food items can be frozen such as seafood and poultry. So you have to decide exactly what you want to be selling taking into consideration the fact that some foods are popular and some not so popular in some areas. It is advisable to start with the more popular food and gradually add others to the list. If you want to be selling more than one food item then be sure to have proper storage facility to contain them. For instance it is not advisable to put seafood and poultry in the same freezer as seafood has it’s peculiar smell and not every likes that. So when the smell affects the poultry it will drive away customers who come for poultry.

4. Select Suitable Location of your Office / Business

The location of a business is crucial to the success of the business. You have to select a location that is visible and easily accessible. You have to equally consider whether frozen food is in high demand in the area you choose as high consumption of frozen food is an indication that you will have a good patronage.

5. Register the Business With The Relevant Association

It is advisable to register and identify with the association of the frozen food business in your area. This will keep in the loop about what is going on in the business. You’ll equally be aware of opportunities when they come. Sometimes the association even gives out loans and grants. However you have to properly investigate levies that are placed on you by the association to make sure that you are not cheated.

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6. Build Your Customer Base

You have to determine the kind of customers that are your target. This will help you know how to stock up the Cold room. If you are targeting children then you’ll have more of red meat and poultry, if you are targeting people advanced in age then you’ll have to focus on seafood and poultry. Try as much as possible to keep your customers satisfied and happy so your business can continue to thrive.

7. Properly Plan Your Cold room Storage System

Storage facilities such as refrigerators and freezers are important for a cold room business as the food items have to be properly preserved. If your storage facilities are bad the food items will be bad and will not attract customers. Therefore make sure that your storage facilities are of high quality.

8. Get Adequate Power Supply Generator

One of the major factors to consider in the frozen food business is power supply. To ensure that the food items will not spoil you have to ensure that you have a stand by power generating set. This keeps the food items fresh and that way you will not suffer loss in your business.

Go for generating sets that can handle high voltage. Also generating sets that run on petrol are cheaper than those that run on diesel.

9. Build Your Logistics – Home Delivery

This is a strategy to get and keep customers. It saves your customers time as you take the goods to them wherever they are. However as this is an expense, it is advisable to render this service only to those who buy in bulk. You can also sell online and deliver them to customers who make purchases online. Have telephone numbers for your business so that you can be easily contacted and demands easily placed.

10. Get the necessary equipments For Frozen Food Business in Nigeria

Some of the equipments required for the cold room business include:




Knives (Big and small)



Fan/air conditioner

Water container

Wooden boards



Bowls or buckets

Waste bin, etc

You’ll also need a work space and a sales person if you can afford one.

Advantages of Frozen Food in Nigeria

Frozen foods have a lot of advantages. The flavour and nutrients of the food is preserved, it saves time as it is quicker to prepare. It is equally cheaper to purchase and clean when compared to fresh food. Food spoilage is also prevented.

Disadvantages of cold room business

Most things that have advantages also have disadvantages and frozen foods are not exempted.

There is normally a high content of salt and sodium which results in higher chances of high blood pressure and heart diseases. Frozen foods particularly vegetables can become too soft and loose their taste. More so there are high chances of the loss of some nutrients for instance Vitamins C and B in fruits and vegetables. Polyphenoic substances in some food are also reduced.

Nevertheless, frozen foods are safe for consumption and a greater amount of nutrients are preserved.


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