How To Make Money Online / On The Internet – Start Online Business In Nigeria


A lot of Nigerians (some people I know) wonder and even argue with me. They don‟t really believe Nigerians
can make money online. “There are too many negatives working against us” they say.

But you, yes you reading this post now. What do you believe?

What People Think

Some foreigners may think we only scam people (when I mention that I am a Nigerian on yahoo chat, people
scram like I’m some demon not knowing if I have something that may change their lives forever). They are
scared of being scammed (not knowing that Nigeria is just 3rd after the US and UK on the scam list).

But that is not the issue.
The issue is you, what do you believe? I know the usual excuse.

We can‟t register with PayPal, ClickBank, Amazon and eBay. We can‟t buy online. We can‟t do this, we can‟t do that. Blah, blah, blah…

NOTE: Nigerians can actually register @ Amazon and can shop online 😉

These are all genuine excuses to those who don‟t know otherwise. These are all constraints we all face but it is
nothing compared to what this lady, Ladan Lashkari faced. She succeeded against all odds.

Read her story and be inspired.

And guess what?
We don’t really need all these companies “who are shutting us out” to succeed

We can do just fine without them?

In fact if registering with these companies guaranteed success online, every American with a PayPal account and access to all other services would be millionaires, but we all know this is not the case.

My Absolute Belief Is …
Nigerians (and anyone living anywhere on this earth) can make money online. We will make money online if we can create value. Value creation is a must.
So How Can Nigerians Make Legit Money Online & Offline?
Like I said, it starts with creating value for others. Have you heard the saying “value begets value” ? So what the hell is value?
My personal definition of value is …something other people consider important and useful enough to trade something in exchange for it (it doesn’t always have to be money; value is not only measured in cash).
So the question is – what something can you create or do that someone else can exchange for something? Something people can pay for.

A.KA. What product or service can you provide?
And don‟t think you have no product or service…it is right there, you may not be seeing it yet.

NOTE: If you read my blog consistently, you are exchanging your time for the value of the knowledge gotten
from the posts on this blog? My blog is creating value for you. This is an example.

The basic truth is, for you to make any form of income online (and even offline), you have to create value,
something someone else considers important and useful, which is usually a product or service.

Just take a cue from the biggest names online. The A-list bloggers, the online companies etc all have only one
„They create products and services people consider valuable and would exchange their time or money to get or

That is the koko…
If you get nothing else from this post…just remember that last point. Now let‟s take it back home.
What value can we “Nigerians” create for other Nigerians or for the world at large?

This is the question we should ask ourselves when we get online. This is what will bring in the money. This is how we can “hammer without the fear of EFCC”. (Hammer = Hit big time)
And guess what, there are so many products and services Nigerians can provide to the world. Let‟s do a brainstorm.
Services and Products Nigerians Can Provide the World

First, let‟s ask some questions that will spring up some ideas.
1.  What do people want to learn about Nigeria and Nigerians?
2.  What do you know that other people want to learn in other lands?
3.  What are Nigerians known for?
4.  What do people love about Nigeria or Nigerians?
5.  What do people hate about Nigeria or Nigerians?

Here Are Some Ideas?
1.  Do people want to learn how to cook Nigerians dishes? Can you package a product or service that
can help people with this?
2.  Do people want to learn how to speak Pidgin English? Can you help them with that, an e-book or
service that creates learning value?
3.  Do people want to know Nigerian names and their meanings? Can you produce a manual for that?
4.  Do people want to learn how to dress like Nigerians? Can you create a product or service from this?
5.  Can you produce something valuable on how people can make Nigerian fashion designs and style?

Just think about it, there are hundreds of things people want, like or hate already about Nigeria that we as Nigerians can make a product or start a service around.
These ideas can come in the form of a blog or website.

Please, the above points are just random ideas…you need to do research to know the actual demand, competitions and other business related stuffs for every idea you come up with.
Summary /Conclusion
1.  Change your believes, Nigerians and anyone can make money online.
2.  You don‟t really need PayPal and the rest to succeed (believe me).
3.   Value creation is the starting point of making money online.
4.  People make money online by selling products and services (Google Adsense is very slow and requires
too much traffic).
5.  Nigeria has so many things liked and hated by people that can bring ideas for products and services.
6.  You may need research and business analysis to finally decide on an idea

Finally, I will be very frank with you, making legit money online is not magic. It takes knowledge, smart work and hard work.
You will need to learn, learn some more, practice, and fail a lot. There is too much to learn.
I personally don‟t even know 1/20th of what I need to know yet. I still learn practice and fail every day. I have to stop here.
Please let’s discuss

1. Do you think Nigerians can make real legit money online?
2. What ideas, or where could we (Nigerians or anyone for that matter) get ideas for products and services


Before I start, let me remind us of some very important points. Now, whether you are a Nigerian or you‟re from another country:

1.  Making money online is not a get rich quick scheme.
2.  Making money online sometimes takes time and does not happen automatically so it‟s advisable to
HAVE A DAY JOB so as to have some source of income to maintain yourself before you hit it big
3.  Making money online involves hard work and loads of hours (sometimes like 9 to 5 full time work)
4.  Making money online involves getting paid for something.
5.  Making money online involves selling a product or service (this does not necessarily mean you own
product or service. It could be affiliate marketing)
6.  Making money online is like having an offline business sometimes, so you have to treat it as such.
7.  Making money online is easier when you are solving peoples‟ problems or fulfilling their desires

With that out of the way and sealed @ the back of our mind, here are 10 Surefire Ways of Making Money Online From Nigeria.


If you visit my web site right now, you will notice the ads @ the top of each post and also in the sidebar tagged

Those ads are Google Adsense ads and making money from them ain‟t easy at all for beginners. You need a blog or website with loads of traffic to make money online in Nigeria with Adsense. You get paid each time someone clicks on your ads.

The two main keys to making money online with Adsense are search engine optimized content and loads of
traffic most importantly search engine traffic since they are the ones most likely to click on ads. One powerful
adsense equation is Adsense Revenue = Traffic Levels + High Paying Ads + Relevant Ads + Optimally
Positioned and Designed Ads.

There are serious rules surrounding making cash online with Adsense. Check out my blog post; Top Ten
Critical Google Adsense Mistakes To Avoid and Grizzly Bears blogs, Make Money with Adsense, Make
Money Online Grizzly and How To Make Money Online For Beginners for great adsense tips.
NOTE: For a limited time only, Google Adsense guru, Joel Comm is giving away his bestseller Adsense
Secrets 4. I recommend you go download that report as soon as you can. He‟s even offering his reports on
making money online with Chitika and Kontera as well. Click on the images to go download a copy NOW!


This is probably the most widely circulated and overrated method of earning money online. It‟s as simple as getting paid for voicing your opinions on a selection of topics, products, services etc.

Over the course of 1 year of being online, I came to realize that it‟s not a viable means of earning online for Nigerians which is why I wrote the following blog posts:

1.  Online Surveys For Nigerians: Do They Really Exist?
2.  Nigerians It‟s Time We Forget About Paid Online Surveys
3.  StrictlyOnlineBiz’s Review Of Nigeria’s KodeSurveys
If after reading those posts, you still want to give paid online surveys ago, the following information will come in handy 😉


DON’T be fooled by “gurus” claiming that you could make as much as $250 a month from filling out online surveys. I was ecstatic when I bought one of those info-products on online surveys but when I finally started implementing all the report contained; I realized this was really a fool‟s paradise.
Forget about online surveys sites that claim you can get paid from $25 – $75 per survey. What they are not telling you is that, you HAVE to try out a product before you get paid the big bucks and that 99% of the time when you cancel your trial period for these products you still won‟t get credited.

Also good to know is the fact that some of these companies offering to pay you to try out their services can be
deceitful. I remember rushing to get my Visa debit card and going straight to Cashcrate to fill out a product trial
that would pay a whopping $15. The website was offering a 7 day trial window after which your credit/debit card would be charged $29.95 monthly thereafter. I signed up @ once only to check my online statement to see that they had actually deducted the money without my even starting the trial.

Luckily for me I was credited the $15. So you could say I basically bought the product for $14.95.

You will DEFINITELY not make a fortune from filling out online surveys but you‟ll DEFINITELY make some extra spending cash. That said, if your plan was to hit it big through surveys, I advise you to look for another work from home job.

Most people actually make money through referring other people to these sites. So it‟s like for every, say $5, your referral makes you get paid $1.

Personally, since I‟m not a citizen or resident of USA or Canada, I used these survey sites mainly to shop @ cheaper rates and play games for money. I fill out surveys mostly when a digital downloadable product is involved but then again it‟s left to you to do as you wish with the information below.
Preparing for Online Survey Participation

One thing we all ought to know when starting in the field of paid online surveys is that most countries are not welcome in some cases. You should know that most of these survey sites cater principally to the US & Canada extending a little bit to Australia and UK. So how do we go around this obstacle? Read on

You ought to change your IP address as it gives away your real location. I‟ve tested a lot of free software and
websites that can do this for you but so far the best in my opinion remains Ultra Surf 9.2 . It connects fastest
amongst the lot of softwares I‟ve tested. Also most of its servers are located in Canada & the US. This program
doesn‟t need to be installed and so it can be run in most cybercafés from your flash drive. When connected, go
to WhatIsMyIPAddress to see your new IP location. If it shows US or Canada you‟re good to go. You can also
try Hotspot Shield. If you don‟t want to download the softwares you can also use the following sites Indirect
Connection & Free Proxy Server . Like I said before Ultra Surf 9.2 remains my NUMERO UNO.

NOTE: There‟s an increase in sites offering free paid online survey opportunities to non US/Canadian residents.


This is crucial as most of these survey sites that were previously paying via PayPal are going the check way due
to the fraudulent activities of some individuals on their sites. If you don‟t know anybody in the States, no need
to panic as Graph Card comes to the rescue. Graph Card is run by the same management of VTN (Virtual
Terminal Network).

What Graph Card does when you register with them is to give you a P.M.B @ their headquarters in the States. Below is a run through of their charges for this service.

The address you will get from them will look like this LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC
PMB 1212, 8101 Sandy Spring Road,
Suite 220, Laurel MD 20707
Now when you‟re asked for payee name on these sites, make sure you type in LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC . Now when your check arrives at their office, they cash the money and pay it into the account name that corresponds with the PMB on the package. That said, they recognize you by that PMB number. They charge a commission of 5% and pay the rest into your Graph Card account from where you can choose Western Union or Direct Payment into you bank account. For Nigerians, Guaranty Trust Bank is your best bet.


Now this is for those who can really afford it. When you go through some of these survey sites, you will find
out that there are some companies that pay as much as $15 to $150 for trying out their products. Now to get to
fill these offers you‟ll need a debit card as they could charge you any amount from 50 cents to qualify for the

Example: Like I said in the beginning of this post, I unknowingly signed up for a home study course on affiliate
marketing without reading the fine print and my card was charged $29.95 @ once. At the same time I was
credited with $15 @ Cash crate where I had initiated the offer from. Now if I‟d been living in the United States,
I would have been receiving this home study course for the price of $9.95 if you get me. What I‟m trying to say
is you can sign on to so many companies to use their products and still make back half of your investment.
After this mistake I got wiser and started out to get the best I could of these offers. I did an Inbox Dollars 5
DVDs for 49 cents each offer (shipping and handling included) with the obligation to buy @ least one DVD @ $19.95 within the following year. When I ordered I also included a $19.95 DVD so as to end my contract with them there and then. For this I got a whooping $15 in my account instant. Do the maths, I spent roughly $23 and made $15. That‟s 6 DVDs of the latest movies @ $9 only. Better still, I used a friend‟s address and she brought the DVDs to me when she visited Nigeria 2 weeks later.

After that I signed up for Napster through Cash crate and got $5 off my subscription. Okay I know you‟d be
asking, how do I get a debit card now? Well you‟ve got 3 options open to you.

a) Zenith MasterCard Web Surfer : This card is based on the MasterCard platform and is EXCLUSIVELY for online usage. It costs $20 a year. Initial deposit is $100 exclusive of card fees. Subsequent deposits attract a $5 fee per deposit. Card is activated in 24 hours or less.

b) GTB MasterCard : For this you ought to have a foreign currency domiciliary account with them. The card costs $10. A minimum deposit of $100 is required and yearly maintenance costs $20. That‟s $130 in all.

c) Graph Card : Offers you an anonymous Visa Gift Card. One thing I love about their service and another I
hate @ the same time is that there‟s no yearly maintenance fee but then the card is not reloadable. My first debit
card was issued by them till I decided to switch to Zenith’s Mastercard Websurfer. You can reload your
account via Graph Card Resellers or VTN .

After the card has been ordered you can expect to have the card in less than 12 hours. The card details include card number, expiry date and CVV 2 number. Now there‟s a little problem. Your card isn‟t registered to a name or address yet and that might pose a problem when registering or buying from some sites. Well, I simply used their Graph Card‟s office address and it worked fine.

NOTE: Their email customer service sucks, so be prepared to call them if you have any problem. Apart from
that I‟ve got absolutely no complain about them and they happen to be the cheapest company I come across that offers Visa Gift Cards.

Some of these survey sites use a lot of flash & high quality images and videos so your Dial-Up/GPRS
connection is just not going to cut it. Speed is needed if you expect to make cash in online surveys. Get a 3G or
3.5G connection.

Some sites no longer pay through PayPal BUT some still do. I have an account which has been operational
since my last 2 visits to London. You could try getting a friend over in the States or any PayPal accepted
country to help you receive your money. Register illegally and risk having your funds frozen when caught.

In some cases you might be getting a large volume of emails from these sites so it‟s good to have separate email accounts for them that way your important mails don‟t get mixed up in so much survey offers.

NOTE: Try and read the fine print always as your email might be given out to various organizations who will
spam the life out of your inbox but then again it shouldn‟t bug you that much since you‟re using a new one. In
some reports I‟ve read, some “gurus” have suggested you sign up with each survey sites 3 -4 times so as to get more jobs. LISTEN UP. It‟s BULLSHIT. You‟ll only subject yourself to more work making it hard for you to get to the minimum cash payout. Besides once you get caught, you will be removed from their system and will so doing forfeit your earnings.

Most of these offers are gone before you know it because in some cases a particular number of people are needed per survey and once the spots are filled, you‟re left out.

That said always endeavor to respond to all emails as soon as you can. That way you wouldn‟t miss out on a
good opportunity. Some sites take note of people who complete surveys faster and so send them more jobs than
others. Some sites also shut you out when they notice you haven‟t been responding to their emails for quite a


This tool is a must if you want to complete surveys fast. It serves as a toolbar application that helps fill in data
such as name, address, email, passwords etc fast without re-typing every time. Get the free version here. Google
Toolbar also helps.


You can‟t afford to be picky! If you want to make money with paid online surveys, you need to answer ALL
surveys that are sent out to you. These survey sites take note of how frequently you respond or reject offers and these counts towards future mailings to you. You might just be jeopardizing your chances of being offered the
big bucks‟ surveys.

Also note that for every 10 survey offers sent to your email, you might only be eligible to participate in NONE. THAT’S THE REALITY OF THINGS!


These sites offer screening questions which must be answered before survey offers will be sent your way. You can lie about your name, address, email, phone number etc but be careful when answering personal preferences questions like hobbies and interests.

You can never tell what they are looking for @ any point in time and lying in your personal preferences could cost you some survey opportunities. What I‟m trying to say here is: Surveys are sent out based on these
screening questions so do endeavor to answer as truthfully as possible.
So there you have it. SOB‟s Top 10 Commandments of one of the best work from home jobs: Paid Online Surveys.
If you‟ve REALLY digested all the above, here are my Top 5 Free Paid Online Survey Sites.



To roll with Vindale, you must be @ least 18 years old and a citizen or resident of the United States, Canada,
Australia, or the United Kingdom to visit the Website and use the service. They offer the following services:

Paid Surveys – Receive email notifications each week
I    about new opportunities to earn between $5 and $75 for
evaluating a product.
Online Studies – Receive email notifications every few II days about new chances to earn $1 for completing a
simple online survey.
Opinion Polls – Receive fun opinion polls in your Inbox III a few times each week and earn 25¢ every time you
share your opinion.
Member Newsletter – Stay informed. Every two weeks
IV    you‟ll receive an email about your account balance, new
opportunities and bonus offers.

You get $2 instant just for completing your profile survey.

Payments are automatically processed on the 15th and last day of every month. On these days, if your verified balance is greater than or equal to $50 USD and you have requested payment, you will automatically receive an email about the steps necessary to accept payment.
Please note that transactions to and from PayPal always take a few days to process. Members residing outside of the United States are not eligible to receive payment via paper check.

CashCrate provides free memberships to users to allow them to complete offers provided by certain third-party
advertisers in return for compensation provided through CashCrate
Minors under the age of 13, or minors between the ages of 13 to 18 years old that do not have their parents consent to participate in the CashCrate Program are not welcome.
Members from the United States and other English speaking countries will have the most offers available to them, but members from other countries are welcome as well.

Also See:  25 Profitable Small Scale Business Ideas In Nigeria

You get $ 1 just for joining.
Users who meet their minimum payout (only $20!) have their payments processed by the 20th of the following month. For example, if you earn $250 in June, you‟ll get paid in mid-July.


TreasureTrooper is a free service which allows users to complete offers through affiliates. You must be 13 years
of age or older with a desire to earn real money!

Some short surveys can earn you a quick $1.
Payment to members is processed for sending on the 25th-30th of each month, for the balance of the account at the final day of the previous month. Cash out minimum is fixed at $20.


These two companies are owned by Cotterweb Enterprises. Inbox Dollars has been featured on Good Morning
America in the past. They offer you $5 instantly on signing up with them.

To qualify for the $5 Signup Bonus, Users must fulfill the criteria listed below:
Reside in the U.S. and have a valid U.S. Mailing Address
Check the minimum number of “Opt-In” and “Opt-Out” boxes required on the Signup Form.
Complete the User Profile located in the Member‟s Section

Cash out is set @ a minimum of $30 and a $3 check processing fee is deducted from your fees.


Survey Police is your ultimate destination for online survey information. This company offers a directory of
verified and unverified online survey companies. I guess every survey company under the face of the earth is listed here. A company makes their verified list once it has been reviewed as a legitimate, online survey
company that provides paid online surveys.

Below are some of the companies, which have been reviewed by them and deemed legitimate

American Consumer Opinion

Global Test Market

Opinion Outpost
Pine Cone Research
Green Field Online
Ciao Surveys
Gulf Surveys
Survey Spot
Hot Spex
Survey Head
It‟s Your View (UK)
Ipsos i-Say
Your 2 Cents
NPD Online Research
Harris Poll Online
Panel Base (UK)

That‟s right! Free seminars and workshops generate quite a lot of money for the organizers. The trick is to
attract you with the prospect of learning certain skills FREE OF CHARGE such as how to make money online
BUT you‟re then bombarded with HYPED UP gist on how much money you can make in as little as 1 month.
Before the seminar is over, most of you will then be reaching for your wallets to buy WHATEVER product is been offered to you.
*Webinars are the online version of Seminars.

This works well for people who have an expert knowledge about how things work in a particular niche. They put their experience to pen and paper or Ms Word, create PDFs from it and then market it.
A fantastic example is this report which you‟re presently reading though I‟m not charging for it ;-).
There‟s a huge money generating potential here if and only if, what you have to offer in terms of information, is FRESH, WORKS and HASN’T BEEN OFFERED BY A MILLION OTHER MARKETERS.

This form of online business is growing gradually each day. In summary what happens is you buy web hosting
from a major web host such as Hostgator and then resell bits of it to other people. My blog posts Make Money
Online Reselling Web Hosting, Web Hosting Reseller Deals From Hostgator and Hostgator Reseller Hosting
Plans Uber-Revamped cover everything you need to know about the business so I advise you to go read them

Henry Omenogor was probably the first Nigerian “guru” to go this route and he has been successful doing it.
Selling physical copies of your e-products is a great way of making money online because it makes the info portable and easily readable without the need of a computer.


Affiliate programs are basically signing up to promote other peoples‟ products in return for a commission on each sale. Popular examples of sites that offer Affiliate programs are ClickBank, CJ and Amazon.

For more info, please read Pros & Cons of Earning Cash Online Via Affiliate Marketing.


Basically you pay someone a specific amount in return for that person to add you to a list. As your name climbs
up that list you make loads of cash. A good example can be found @ this blog post; How To Turn $10 into
$5,000 In a Month or Less.

DO NOT BE FOOLED by their claims that their system has been proven to work on Oprah, Dateline , Wall Street Journal, 20/20, United States Postal System etc. It‟s a MASSIVE SCAM.


Flipping websites or Site flipping as it‟s sometimes called is all about buying web space and a domain name, building a site/blog with good content and selling it off for a profit.

QuikCash Converter: How To Convert Virtual Real Estate Into QuikCash guides you through setting up
your wordpress blogs and adding content to them then finally preparing them for sale and getting the sale done successfully via Flippa.


Selling and buying goods and services online as a Nigerian in the past, had been somewhat of difficult due to
the fact that the ever popular PayPal had us blacklisted and still does till this very moment. Well, the good news is that things have changed for the better.


To launch a successful business online, prospective merchants know they can‟t do without the big and trusted
payment processors like PayPal, Click Bank, PayDotCom etc.
In recent times, gurus have been debating whether PayPal is really worth it or not. It‟s not hard to find sites that are offering to secure Verified PayPal Merchant Accounts for merchants in ineligible countries.
I must admit that when I started out, I was drawn in by the message, “Without PayPal you can’t make money
online” and so I paid $40 for an account without thinking twice. True to their words I got a Verified PayPal
account afterwards but something I read later on made me desist from using that PayPal account for any major

I learnt that PayPal is SMART in that they know of merchants in ineligible countries that use their services but
they don‟t raise red flags UNTIL a large transaction is about to take place and then they strike. You get slapped
by PayPal and lose your hard earned money. That‟s the reality of things with PayPal.

I began looking for an alternative that would accept Nigeria and got to know about 2CheckOut.

2CheckOut serves as an authorized reseller of tangible and digital products and they‟ve been in business for
over 9 years now. They accept merchants from all countries EXCEPT North Korea, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Myanmar (Burma).
2CheckOut accepts customer orders via online checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express,
Dinners, JCB, debit cards with the Visa and MasterCard logo, FXSource®, PayPal®, and PayPal Pay Later®.

They charge a one-time set-up fee of $49 and apply a 5.5% commission on each transaction, plus a $0.45 charge per transaction.

The reasons why I signed up with them are
1.  Nigeria is eligible
2.  They offer low cost check payments & international wire transfers to Nigeria. Also they‟ve joined forces
with Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard to provide faster & easier payments to merchants. As at this time last
year, they had a Special $10 offer for every new 2CheckOut supplier/merchant. Personally I find
Payoneer‟s Fees to be on the high side so I‟m sticking with the International Wire Transfer option.
3.  They offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
4.  Most important of all, they process customers who want to buy from you using PayPal thereby
eliminating my need for an illegitimate Verified PayPal account that could see me facing financial troubles if my account is frozen.
5.  People are getting wary of using PayPal because in most cases they require your bank account details.
Their major concern is what happens when someone hacks into the system and gets hold of my bank
account details?
Which is better? PayPal or 2CheckOut? I‟ll go with 2CheckOut.
What about you? What‟s your take on this?


Registering for a ClickBank affiliate account is very easy and can be done in less than 2 minutes. Unfortunately Nigeria is among the list of countries, that aren‟t included in the list of accepted countries. Here are two ways of successfully registering for ClickBank as a Nigerian.

WARNING: Do not buy any information product claiming to show you how to register for ClickBank as a Nigerian! The information below is the exact same thing you will get from them

Option Number One

Get a virtual address from GraphCard and use it to sign up for a ClickBank affiliate account. Get the details at
the 2nd Commandment of the Top 10 Commandments Of Paid Online Surveys.

When asked for your phone number on the registration form, use Graphcard‟s which is 301-483-9500.

Option Number Two
This is simple and straight forward. Get a trusted friend or family that lives in a ClickBank accepted country to open an account for you. Also make sure, he or she has a Tax Payer ID number.

Personally, I prefer the Option Number 2 and here is why.
Option 1 limits you to earnings of $600 a year. As soon as you make over $600 a year in commissions, you‟ll be required to present a Tax Payer ID number that is linked to the Payee Name.
With Option 2, your friend registers for you and presents his/her own Tax Payer ID making it easy for you. You could even come up with an arrangement to split profits for his/her help.
NOTE: You can always change your payee name and country ANYTIME you wish. That‟s all you need to know about getting a ClickBank account as a Nigerian.



1.  You don‟t need to change your Proxy/IP address to sign up for PayPal.
2.  Always make sure you access PayPal via so as to make sure that you‟ll be
redirected to the real PayPal site as there are some fake PayPal sites around.
3.  Graphcard Virtual debit cards and virtual US address as well as Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard can‟t be
used to verify PayPal.
4.  Make sure you‟re opening a Premier Account so you can receive credit card payments.
5.  Registering as a resident of a PayPal accepted African country no longer works. You have to register as
a resident of U.A.E (United Arab Emirates) or India.
6.  You have to create a free account @ ShopVCC and then buy their Virtual PayPal Debit Card for $7.50.
This card will enable you verify your PayPal Premier Account. NOTE: You need to have a
LibertyReserve account in order to be able to buy the Virtual PayPal Debit Card from ShopVCC.
7.  You can open a LibertyReserve account for free then fund it @ the rate of N170=$1 through Instant
Gold NG.
8.  After ordering, ShopVCC will send you (via email) the 16 digit number of your Virtual PayPal Visa
Debit Card as well as it‟s expiry date and CVV number.
9.  After filling in your debit card details @ PayPal, PayPal will request for the exact amount deducted from
your card as well as the Expo(u)se PayPal code number attached to that transaction. Since you can‟t
check the statement of the Virtual PayPal Visa Debit Card, you‟ll need to contact ShopVCC for the
Expo(u)se code as well as the exact amount deducted from your card. As soon as you provide PayPal
with this info, your account automatically becomes Verified.
10. The Virtual PayPal Debit Card should never be used again after being used to verify PayPal.
11. All transactions on PayPal right from the account opening process must be done from the same IP or you
risk your account being frozen.
NOTE: PayPal ain’t stupid! You are better off working with some other payment processor or getting a trusted
friend who resides in a PayPal accepted country to open and manage an account for you.


Some of you might have read and loved my previous post, Nigerians Get Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard Free!
but this post promises to be better as it serves as a detailed guide to placing an order for the Payoneer Prepaid
MasterCard via Lime Exchange.

This tutorial is heavy on graphic usage so bear with me if your internet connection ain’t fast enough to load the
page as quickly as possible. Again, this tutorial is based on the information Henry Omenogor shared with us @
his Breakthrough seminar.

Let‟s begin



Point your web browser @ Lime Exchange and click on Register for Free @ the top right corner of the home

If your sign up was a success, you‟ll be taken to the page below where you have to fill in the verification code
sent to you via email. You‟re also given the choice of just clicking on a link within the confirmation email.

As soon as you‟ve confirmed your registration, scroll down the next page and click on Continue to profile as shown in the image below.

At the top right hand corner, click on Payments then Withdraw funds

Select the Prepaid MasterCard option. Click on Please click here to proceed and then Please click here to
get your card now.

On the next page, you‟ll be connected to the Payoneer website. Click on any of the two options shown below to
begin registering for a card.
Step One involves filling in your Cardholder Details.

NOTE: Make sure you fill in your correct Zip Code. You can get your own post code @ Nigeria Post Codes.

Step Two deals with your Card Account Information. Be sure to memorize your secret question and answer as it would come in handy whenever you have problems with your account in the future.

The third step requires a form of ID (International Passport, Driver’s License or National ID). Tick all three
options as shown below then click on finish.
Here’s a recap of Payoneer’s Prepaid Debit MasterCard fees.

That‟s all folks! According to the final email notification, all things being equal, you can expect to receive your
Payoneer MasterCard in 25 working days.
I got an email from Payoneer 2 days after I registered for the card requesting for a scanned copy of the method
of identification which I had used above. This was required before my application could be fully accepted and
I sent in a scanned copy of my International passport and as the time of this post being written, I was still awaiting a confirmation from Payoneer.


When I first started out online, I used Graphcard issued Visa Gift Cards to make my online payments but later
switched to Zenith Bank‟s MasterCard Websurfer.
Priced at $20 a year, the MasterCard Websurfer is used to shop online ONLY. I was skeptical about getting the
card as there were loads of rumors of online merchants who didn’t accept credit/debit card orders from Nigeria (
Can you blame them? It‟s just unfortunate that the frauds amongst us have wreaked so much havoc online that the innocent ones are left to pay the consequences)
If you plan on getting Zenith Bank‟s MasterCard Websurfer do please note the following

1.  The card is for EXCLUSIVE use on the internet.
2.  It costs $100 minimum to open plus $20 yearly fee.
3.  It‟s reloadable. Each reloading will cost you $5
4.  Activation takes 48 hours or less.
5.  Card is linked to the address you filled in your application form.
6.  Merchants that do accept it, might request you send them a scan of the MasterCard Websurfer and also a
scan of your international passport or Driver‟s license.
7.  Whenever you encounter a merchant that has issues with your authenticity, simply write to and they‟ll swiftly handle the situation. Their customer service is
amongst the best in the country right now ;-).

Due to the high rate of fraud online, I‟ll not post the direct link to their registration page as it might have
changed in the past months. Simply go to their Cards Division and get the registration info.



One solution here is buying and selling between two PayPal account owners. Here‟s how the scenario goes:
Person A has got $100 in his account and wants to withdraw it badly. Person B needs $100 in his PayPal
account so he can pay for some goods online. Person B approaches Person A and offers to pay him the
equivalent of his $100 in local/foreign currency and in return Person A transfers the $100 in his account to Person B‟s account.
A deal is struck and in the end Person A has successfully withdrawn the $100 in his account while Person B has successfully funded his account with $100 and can now proceed to shop online. Deal closed.
Another solution that‟s currently making waves is to get a 2CheckOut Merchant Account which costs $50.

1.  Apply for a 2CheckOut merchant account. (International Passport or Drivers‟ License & Utility Bill Are
2.  Create a product in your 2CheckOut account worth the amount of money you want to withdraw from
3.  Order for your own product using the funds in your PayPal account.
4.  Cash your money from 2CheckOut using International Wire Transfer or Payoneer Debit Card.

NOTE: Don‟t go planning on using this method to scam people as 2CheckOut will have the EFCC knocking on your door in no time. Thread with great caution!

Funding your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard can be done in three ways.
1.   By transferring funds from another Visa/MasterCard into your card or from a Nigerian bank to your account in
the US.
2.   By making money into your Payoneer card. This requires your partnering with firms that offer jobs etc and pay
via Payoneer such as the few shown below.


The obsession with Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard and Verified PayPal Merchant Accounts has got to
STOP. Nigerian “gurus” are making millions off you via these obsessions. You don‟t need either of both to succeed in making money online as more legit companies are now offering payment via bank checks and wire transfer and even Western Union.

Of recent, one of you confirmed the fact the one can not use a Payoneer card for any transaction UNTIL it has
been funded via the company through which the card was issued.

Example: If you ordered for a Payoneer Debit MasterCard from LimeExchange, you cannot use the card
anywhere online or offline UNTIL you receive @ least one payment from LimeExchange via the card. In other
words, if you really need a Payoneer MasterCard, I recommend you start working for a company that issues
them like 2CheckOut and LimeExchange. When the time comes to withdraw your earnings, then you can apply
for Payoneer‟s Debit MasterCard.
If you need a MasterCard badly so as to enable you make purchases online, I highly recommend you get Zenith Bank‟s MasterCard WebSurfer. It‟s AWESOME    .
If you need a payment processor to help you collect fees for your goods and services, you ought to try


You can withdraw your funds @ ATM machines owned by Zenith Bank and EcoBank. Never make the mistake of slotting your card into the machine when you don‟t have funds within. You card will be trapped.
Another alternative to withdrawing the funds in your card is to shop with it.


Your billing address must be the same one with which you signed up for the card. Otherwise your order will be flagged or rejected.
So there you have it; a few tips on funding and withdrawing money from your PayPal accounts and Prepaid MasterCard.


In our excitement to start earning money online we sometimes forget to take a closer look at how exactly we are
going to be paid for our time and services. It’s only when payday arrives, that some of us realize that we might actually not be able to withdraw our hard-earned money all because the company we chose to work for doesn’t support our preferred payment method-channel

With this post, I intend to show all Nigerians, the 4 most common ways available to us when it comes to withdrawing our online earnings.

I’ll begin with the most popular one of the lot, Bank Checks.
1.  Bank Checks: This is the commonest payment solution offered by 90% of firms online. Once you get to
your threshold or the end of the month (depending on the agreement/contract), a check will be issued in
your name and mailed to you. This is the only way of cashing our Google Adsense earnings here in
Nigeria. For you to be able to cash these checks when they arrive, you ought to have a domiciliary
account with your bank. As I hear from folks who have done business with GTB domiciliary accounts,
the checks will clear after a minimum of 3 weeks and a commission of $10 is charged by the bank.
Charges vary across many banks but GTB seems to offer the cheapest solution    .
2.  Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard: This card is fast gaining popularity online as the fastest way of
paying folks who live in areas where it could take weeks for checks to arrive. The number of companies
who are using them at the moment is gradually rising everyday. My only beef with them is that their
charges can be on the high side at $19 for card activation, $3 loading fee and $3 monthly
maintenance fee + about 3% commission per transaction    .
3.  Bank Wire Transfer: Though yet to gain popularity amongst Nigerians, it’s the way I intend going
from now on with any company that offers it. It ain’t that expensive and takes about 7 days after which the money is lodged directly in your account. While studying abroad, this was how my folks sent me money and it was quite efficient!
4.  PayPal: This method of payment is offered by 99% of online companies and despite the fact that
Nigerians are listed amongst the countries not eligible to manage a PayPal account, folks are still going
out of their way to get them. My advice has always been, if your employer can only pay you via PayPal
stay away unless you plan on using the PayPal account of a friend in lives in a PayPal eligible
country OR you plan on risking losing your earnings to the infamous PayPal Account Freeze!
For now, these are the most popular payment methods available to Nigerians who do business or work online.
Hopefully Western Union would soon gain popularity as a means of payment and that my friends would be
absolutely awesome   .

Do you cash your online earnings with methods different form the above listed? Do please share with us by leaving a comment below. Thanks.

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