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Perfume Making Business Plan In Nigeria Feasibility Study

Business Plan On Perfume Production In Nigeria PDF/DOC


1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY for Perfume making business plan

The following report and recommendation stated herein relates to the proposal by INTOTO PERFUME PRODUCTION to establish a perfume production firm in Nike enugu state.

The proposed project will require a start-up capital N1,610,000 made up of N660,000 for fixed assetsand N850,000 for working capital.
The enterprise vision is to produce the best quality perfumes in this region of the country particularly Enugu,Anambra, AbiaImo and Ebonyi.
The perfume making firm will be located at Nike Enugu state because of its easy access to raw material, target market from that location and also the relative stability of powerin the location.
The financial projection has shown a good level of stability and liquidity. The projected turnover for years 2014, 2015 and 2016 is N2,685,000, N2,953,500 and N3,248,850 respectively. Net profit is N831,950, N1,106,797.5 and N1,404,812.375 for years 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively.
A huge market is available for the business to serve.
The funding requirement is N900,000, as the sponsor is committing N610,00 to the project.
Our project has been subjected to SWOT, and risk analysis and appropriate risk mitigants proffered.
The competitive edge of the enterprise lies in its ability to produce perfume of exceptional fragrance and also of a very high standard and quality.

CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS for the Perfume Making Business Plan

From the analysis of our findings, the proposed project is found to be technically feasible, financially viable and economically desirable.
The project offers a good investment benefit therefore, we recommend for funding and implementation.

2.0 INTRODUCTION for business plan on perfume production
Perfume making business is a very lucrative business in these modern times coupled with the fact that it does not require much to start and operate. You can start a successful perfume production with relatively small budget and few clienteles and still turn profit. Cleanliness is an important part of modern societyand smelling nice is a huge part of cleanliness. It wasn’t always so but these days we all need to feel and smell good when going out so invariably, we all like to use perfume. Perfumes are pleasant fragrance that is designed to produce good and welcoming scent when applied to the body, it makes the user feel comfortable, have self-confidence, self-relaxation and high esteem.It quenches all kinds of body odours that may seem unpleasant which the body produces often during hot weather conditions as a result of severe perspirations. Perfume making business is high sensitive to swings in the economy because people continue to use perfumes as a deodorant as they prepare for occasions, ceremony, office and school. Etc.
Intoto perfume business is a perfume making business that serves for all kinds of people in the society. The business offerings are quite a change
Intoto Perfume making business will meet the demand of new offerings and variety demand in perfumes, bringing in new life into the perfume making business and leveraging skills to develop creative new perfume varieties.

The enterprise vision is to produce the best quality perfumes in this region of the country particularly Enugu,Anambra, AbiaImo and Ebonyi.

To produce perfume using the best known raw materials of scents for a better quality.My service will exceed the expectations of my customers.

2.3 OWNERSHIP OF THE ENTERPRISE in the business plan for perfume production / feasibility study
Intoto perfume is a business owned by Ugwuotiodiatucharles, an undergraduate of Medical Laboratory Sciences,UNEC,CEDR entrepreneurship trainee and has the knowledge of perfume making business.

The business is currently undergoing registration process with the corperate affairs commission under the name INTOTO PERFUME.

The business shall be located at Nike in Enugu State
The factors that influenced my choice of location are
Easy access to raw material
Low cost of supply
Proximity to the target clients
Easy accessibility and high visibility
Security consciousness
Nearness to Abakpa Market
The Facilities of the business shall be rented building, chairs, tables, showcase glass, perfume shelves and other essential fittings.

Intoto Perfume will provide the general public high quality. It will also be offering her customers a wider range of perfume and different varieties for events and occasions. The brands of perfume that will be offered by Intoto perfume include rosse, havok, dolicus, and Athena. They are each characterised by their different fragrance and will be unique in quality. This will provide a variety from which customers can always make their own choice

2.7 BUSINESS STRATEGY in the perfume production proposal / feasibility study

Typically, perfume making are exciting, conventional, creative, innovative. Intoto perfumes seek to fulfil the benefits that are important to her customers through:
Selection: A wide selection and variety of fragrance
Accessibility: the industry will be located at a place easily accessible to customers because of the good road network recently established at Nike.

Customer Service: Customer will be impressed with the level of attention that they receive thereby exceeding their expectations.
Competitive Pricing: all of the offerings will be very affordable relative to the true competitors found in the town.
Quality and Quantity strategy
Adopting all time service provides
Creating a customer friendly environment
Using package strategy

The key success is to meet and exceed the customer’s needs in terms of quality of perfumes and fragrance. Intoto perfume business key success factors are to:
-Generate repeat business
-Increase Transaction amount per person
-Taking a modest fiscal approach, expand at a reasonable rate, not for the sake expansion, but because it is fiscally wise to
-Continue to build brand awareness which will drive customers to increase their usage of Intoto perfumes as well as be vocal to their friends about the positive experience they had.

3.0 MARKETING AND CLIENTS for the perfume making business plan / proposal

The Perfume Making business is market driven and also a growing sector of the economy. It is ever growing to accommodate on coming entrepreneurs. Therefore, the nature and size of the market will be a very large one; hence i seek to move in to help fill the gap.

3.2 TARGET CUSTOMERS for the perfume making business plan in Nigeria

Intoto Perfumes has three target populations:

Low class clients
This group does not have huge amounts of income, but will try to minimize them.
Middle-class clients: This group of people do not have huge amounts of disposable income, recognizes that it is costly to demand for expensive perfumes like Athena and Rosse but will try to minimize them.

Upper Class Clients: This group has intertwined values throughout their lives and is ready and willing to spend whatever it takes to have the most costly perfume. This group is characterized by wealthy income family where everybody works and makes money.


GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Chudi-Oji Chukwuka
Account No – 0044157183

After payment text your names, your e-mail address and what you paid for to 08060565721 and you’ll receive your BUSINESS PLAN FOR PERFUME PRODUCTION.

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