Snacks Production

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Snacks Production

1.0 Executive summary

2.0 Background

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Vision

2.3 Mission

2.4 Ownership

2.5 legal status

2.6 location and facilities

2.7 Business strategy

2.8 key success factors

3.0 Market

3.1 Nature and size

3.2 Target market

3.3 Key competitors

3.4 Service delivery

3.5 Quality Assurance

3.6 Production process

3.7 Demand and supply analysis

3.8 Technology

3.9 Competitive edge

4.0 Marketing Plan

4.1 Distribution strategy

4.2 Promotion strategy

4.3 Market positioning

4.4 Alliances

4.5 Service delivery strategy

4.6 SWOT Analysis

5.0 Organization and Management

5.1 Organizational structure

5.2 External support

5.3 Values and norms of the enterprises

5.4 Personnel plan

6.0 Legal, Regulatory and Environmental Issues

6.1 Legal Issues

6.2 Environmental issues

6.3 Social issues

6.4 Regulatory issues

7.0 Financial Plan

7.1 Project cost

7.2 Working capital forecast

7.3 Funding requirement

7.4 Funding plan

7.5 Loan and interest repayment schedule

7.6 Depreciation

7.7 Cost of sales

7.8 Projected income statement

7.9 Projected cash flow statement

7.10 Projected balance sheet

7.11 Financial analysis

8.0 Risk Analysis, contingency plan and Exit strategy

8.1 Risk analysis

8.2 Contingency plan/Exit strategy

9.0 Other considerations, conclusions and Recommendations

9.1 Economic Justification

9.2 Commercial Viability

9.3 Conclusion/Recommendations



1.1 The following report and recommendations relate to the proposal by
BLESSING PASTRY PLC to establish a snacks production and marketing

1.2 The proposed project is to be fully implemented with a startup
capital of N1, 153,500 made up of N651000 in fixed capital and N502500
in working capital.

1.3 The enterprise’s vision is to be the best producer and marketer of snacks.

1.4 The business project will be located at IHEAKPUOKA PLAZA NSUKKA
because of the identified large market and easy accessibility.

1.5 The market available for the business to serve is quite huge.

1.6 The financial projections of the business reveal that the business
will be stable and liquid. The projected turnover in 2016 stands at
N3,065,000, and N3,500,000 N3,800,000 in 2017 and 2018 respectively.
The profit

after tax is N1866200, N1567200, and N1664200 for 2016, 2017 and 2018

1.7 The competitive edge of the enterprise is in the great value of
products and excellent quality customer care services.

1.8 The funds required for the project is N1, 153,500.

1.9 The profitability indicators as extracted from the projections are
as follows

(N) 2016 (N) 2017 (N) 2018

Turnover 3,065,000 3500,000 3,800,000

Operating profit 1856200 1942800 2125800

Profit after tax 1670580 1748520 1913220

Return on investment 164.5 191.9 226.2


After due analysis and findings, the proposed project is found to be
socially acceptable, commercially viable, economically desirable and
technically feasible. Thus this project is highly recommended for
funding and implementation.

Snacks Business Plan / Proposal



2.1 INTRODUCTION of Snacks Business Plan

The proposed snacks production and marketing project is born out of
the increasing need and demand for finger foods. Studies carried out
in IHEAKPUOKA PLAZA (NSUKKA) suggests that market men and women, white
collar job workers, students, who go through the rigors of the day
find time to eat something light at any time of the day and snacks is
always what they sought. This demand is high and expanding thus we
would pitch our tent in the centre of the opportunity and satisfy the

2.1 Vision

To be the best producer of snacks in NSUKKA, especially in IHEAKPUOKA
PLAZA metropolis.

2.2 Mission

To crate a brand using the lest recipe for production and excellent
services rendered to customers while improving our business.

2.3 Ownership

The business will operate as a sole proprietorship and it is owned by
Miss Eze Blessing.

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2.4 Legal status

Bleble plc is yet to be registered by the corporate affairs
commission, though all registration will be done before the business
kicks off.

2.5 Location and facilities

The snack production and marketing enterprise will be located at
IHEAKPUOKA PLAZA NSUKKA , and this is because of the closeness to the
main market, offices and schools for easy access. There is good road
,network and electricity supply in the area . The water supply in the
area is by tap and bore hole.

2.6 Production/services

Bleble plc will provide the following products.

§ Cakes of different sizes

§ Fish roll

§ Muffin

§ Sausage

§ Chin-chin

§ Meat pie

Apart from our major responsibility of snack production, we also make
available cold drinks and water. Also a place to relax is available.

2.7 Business strategy

Due to the fact that we are new to the business, our pricing would be
such that attracts customers. Little discounts would also be given to
regular customer. The value of the product will be much more than the
money the customers will pay for the product. We also intend to give a
quality customer care service to our customers such that they would be
drawn to us.

2.7 Key success factors

The key success factors for the enterprise are:

(a) Our customers’ satisfaction is of paramount importance, thus we
would provide efficient and effective customer service relationship.

(b) The taste and freshness of the foods would be beyond comparison

(c) Our packaging will be such that attract customers.

(d) Most of our workers have undergone training in entrepreneurship.


3.0 MARKET for Snacks Production Business Plan / Feasibility Study


The market will be located in a place that has close proximity with
the schools, banks, corporate offices, market, homes, and pedestrians.
This population is mostly made up of the young, adult and middle age
that has the wherewithal to afford the product. The size of the market
cuts across Iheakpuoka market, ogige market, and its metropolis.

3.2 Target market

Our target customers are students, workers, market men and women,
companies, individuals, corporate firms, parties, birthdays,
anniversaries, social functions etc.

3.2 Key competitors

CHIVOC snacks and pastries, Healthy slice and Uncle B’s foods are our
competitors. There is also the presence of mobile snacks marketers.
Nevertheless, Bleble plc seeks to restructure the market such that
through our impeccable quality service and optimum value. In no time
we will be at the hem of affairs.

3.4 Service delivery

Although our business is not service based, we still intend to offer
the best customer care services. Value of products will be much more
than the price paid for it. Customers will be treated with utmost
regard when being served.

3.5 Quality assurance

In order to retain our customers we intend to place the quality of our
products on a high pedestal. This will be achieved through the use of
a very special recipe and the use of non chemical preservatives that
will keep these products fresh and healthy. A refrigerator and
microwave will be available to also improve the products quality. All
preparation will be done in a hygienic environment and our need for
capital improvement will not be cloud our judgment.


GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Chudi-Oji Chukwuka
Account No – 0044157183

After payment text your name and e-mail address to 08060565721 and you’ll receive your SNACKS BUSINESS PLAN / FEASIBILITY STUDY IN NIGERIA.

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