Tissue paper / Toilet roll production

Without any question, Tissue paper which is also known as toilet roll is a very popular commodity in the country. The daily demand for Tissue paper is so high that the supply almost never meets the demand. Every building whether it is banks, schools, bars, restaurants, offices, homes, etc. as far as there are people occupying that building there will be need for tissue paper.

Gone are the days when people were of the assumption that Tissue paper is only used in the rest room. As more people are coming to realize the many ways tissue paper can be used, that is how the market for it keeps increasing.

Existing manufacturers of tissue paper in a bid to satisfy their customers produce tissue papers in different shapes, sizes, colours, designs and texture.

This is because different people need tissue papers for different purposes and besides the option of choice is what a lot of persons appreciate in a brand, tissue paper brands included. 

Tissue paper


Why Tissue Factory?

There has been a lot of sensitization about the need to maintain personal hygiene and as you must have heard a lot of persons say, cleanliness is next to Godliness. One way to maintain this much talked about personal hygiene is by having tissue paper handy.

You can make use of it to clean your mouth after a meal, clean a seat before sitting down, wipe dirty surfaces before placing things such as bags on them, pat your hands dry after washing them, dab away sweat, clean your glasses, etc.

This shows that there is a ready market for tissue paper and the demand is very high. So if you are on the lookout for a lucrative business to invest in, why not check out tissue paper manufacturing business. 

Size of Business Considered (Scale) It is only proper that you do a thorough research before going into any business. This way, you will be better guided on how to go about it and know exactly what to expect from the business. This equally applies to tissue paper production business.

You have to know what the business entails and cross reference this with the resources and technical knowhow at your disposal.

Conducting a proper research will also help you decide the scale at which you’ll operate in. We will now move on to discuss the factors that you have to put into consideration when you want to set up your tissue paper production business.

It is really important that you pay attention to these factors and implement them so that your tissue paper production business can do very well. 

Research We already pointed out that it is important to carry out a research on any business venture that you want to embark on.

This is really important because without a research you will make mistakes that will cost you a lot of money. Do not rush this process as it is a very important step.

Take your time and conduct a proper research, ask the right questions, read write ups and articles both online and offline.

Be sure of the raw materials, equipment and machinery needed. If you are armed with the right knowledge, you are no doubt going to have a flourishing business. 


When you are done with conducting the research for the tissue manufacturing business, the next important thing to do is to come up with a business plan. A business plan is crucial to the success of a business so why not have one for your tissue paper production business.

A good business plan will help you take every aspect of the business into cognizance. It will help you have plans in place for both short term and long term as well as for all you’ll be needing to commence production such as equipment/machineries, location, raw materials, staff, customer base, etc.


GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank) Account Name – Chudi-Oji Chukwuka Account No – 0044157183

After payment text your name, your e-mail address and payment details to 08060565721.



After payment text your name, your e-mail address and payment details to 08060565721.


Get Adequate Training ( Business, HR, Machinery, etc.) You might wonder why we are choosing to discuss acquiring the right training since we have already talked about carrying out a proper research.

The truth is that they are different things and we are going to explain how. While you conduct the research to know exactly what the business entails and what to expect, the training is so that you can have hands on knowledge on how to run the tissue production business.

Be sure not to get just any kind of training but the right type of training. No expense should be spared when it comes to the right training for your business as with the right training your business has a very high chance of doing marvelously well. 

Secure the Production Site Well you cannot be manufacturing the tissue paper in thin air. You need a location to carry out the production process and bear it in mind that this location should not be in a residential area.

Your location should be large enough to comfortably accommodate your machinery/equipment. While in a quest for the location have it at the back of your mind that security of lives and properties are important. 

Registration and Licensing – It is also important that you get the business registered. Registering the business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) gives you priority over your choice name.

It also makes your customers and investors take you very seriously as it is clear that you mean business. The Corporate Affairs Commission has made it quite easy for individuals to register their business names themselves.

However, you can enlist the services of a lawyer or any CAC accredited agent to handle the registration for you.


Purchase / Procurement and installation of Machineries – You need to purchase and install your equipment/machineries so that your factory can start production.

Be sure that you are purchasing equipment/machineries that are of good quality so that you don’t waste time, energy and resources always trying to get them fixed.

When you purchase the ones that are of good quality, they will serve you well and give you good value for your money.

Bear it in mind that high quality equipment or machines are not only the ones that are imported brand new from other countries.

You can also get good machines that are locally sourced. However whether you are going for the foreign or local machines just make sure that whichever one that you are settling for is of good quality.

Examples of some machines that you should acquire for your tissue paper production business include; Band saw cutter, Rewinding machine, Core making machine, Embossing unit, Perforating unit, amongst others.


Procure Raw Materials Needed – Next you have to get your raw materials. The quality of your product is highly dependent on the quality of your raw materials.

Therefore get the right raw materials so that you can have products that can comfortably compete with your competition and that the consumers will appreciate.

The quality of your product really determines how lucrative your business will be. Customer retention and referral is a very good method of growing a business and you will not get any of these if you churn out substandard products.  


Hire Skilled and Committed Personnel – In as much as it is important for your products to be of good quality, another factor that can make or mar your business is the character and attitude of your staff.

Good customer care is paramount for the success of any business. You also have to make sure that your staff is well trained and can handle the equipment and machines properly.

Don’t hire people just because they said they know how to operate the machines. Ensure that they really know how to, otherwise they could ruin your machineries and even your products.  


Start Production – When you have put everything in place, the next step is to commence production. Bear it at the back of your mind that the Standard Organization of Nigeria must certify that your product is okay for consumers.

Every stage of production must be up to standard and if you do not know how to go about this, you can get a quality assurance officer to take care of it. 

All Out Marketing and Advertisement – There are people already into the business of tissue paper production, so you can’t say that you do not have competition.

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One of the ways to get your customers is through advertisement and marketing. There are various means of advertisement that you can use such as social media and television adverts.

Your customers can also give you referrals but they will do this if they are really satisfied with your product, so by all means do the needful and ensure that your products are of good quality. 

Supply – It is one thing to have very nice products, it is another thing to have a good supply chain. You have to maintain a good relationship with your distributors and wholesalers in the interest of your products.

When your products get to the doorstep of consumers in good time, they are happy and will always want to patronise your brand.

Remember that if you are too slow then your competition will take over so it is best you take your supply chain very seriously.


Restructuring and Expansion – Nobody goes into business wishing to remain at a level forever. Every business person hopes to get bigger and better.

So when you start your tissue production business, be open to expansion and restructuring for the better. Don’t just be comfortable or be too relaxed at a particular level, otherwise others will outrun you and you’ll be playing catch-up.

Hence you need to stay sharp and observe trends so that you will know when to make changes in your mode of operation in order to remain relevant.



High Demand: The demand for tissue paper is very high. Schools, churches, banks, super markets, offices, hotels, etc. are all in need of tissue paper and if you know how to go about the business, you will no doubt make a lot of money.

Expiry date: Tissue papers do not have expiry dates so you can produce in very large quantities and sell gradually at your own pace without fear of the products spoiling.  



Competition: We have already established that there is a lot of demand for tissue paper and many persons are seeing this as a great business opportunity.

This means that there is a lot of competition and some persons are coming into the industry with advanced machineries and equipment.

Hence if you decide to go into the business as well just know that as there is a ready market, there is also competition.

Be ready to employ all the market strategy you know and even acquire more so that you can get your own customers and consequently expand your business.

Brands name: In line with what we have already discussed above, there are tissue brands that are already household names.

These brands are very much trusted and it is not easy to get people to try out other brands when they have set their hearts on another.

Therefore, you have to devise a means to get them to check out your product. However if they give your product a chance and they are not satisfied they will leave and never return so ensure that your products are of good quality and will give customers satisfaction.

Business registration time: The Corporate Affairs Commission CAC is the body responsible for the registration of business names and companies in Nigeria.

You can do it by yourself through their portal and if you get everything right the name will be registered in at most a week.

However due to the fact that you are not used to the portal you might make some mistakes that are likely to extend the time or deny you the registration. To avoid this just get a lawyer or a CAC accredited agent to handle it for you at a fee.

Delay in acquiring Loan facility: Different people raise capital for their business through different means. Some raise it single handedly, others do so with the help of family and friends while some take out loans.

In fact a lot of companies started operation by taking out loans from banks and other financial institutions. The glitch there however, is that sometimes it takes a very long time to acquire these loans due to the many processes involved.

If you want to take out a loan to start your tissue production business, the time it takes and all the processes involved might just leave you frustrated.

Power inconsistency: The state of power supply in the country takes a toll on manufacturing industries. Most have opted for alternative sources of power supply which can be quite expensive.

For your tissue production business to thrive you have to invest in an alternative source of power supply and best believe that it doesn’t come cheap.

Machine failure: Machines can break down from time to time, either because of wear and tear or because they are not handled properly.

You need to be ready to service and fix them as occasion demands. This means that you need to have a technician or a mechanic on your pay roll that you can call when need be.

For your own good, ensure that the mechanics or technicians at your service are really good at what they do so that they don’t end up ruining your machines or equipment completely.  



Every factory needs to have safety measures in place for the safe guiding of lives and properties, tissue production factories included. A common disaster that factories have measures in place to prevent is fire outbreaks.

You should take this very seriously as one fire outbreak can make you lose all your investments and bring you back to square one.

Some of the things you should install in your factory as safety measures include; Hydrant points, Fire extinguishers, Sprinklers, Smoke alarm and Safety gadgets. You should also have safety officers and personnel as part of your staff.  


You have to decide on the scale of production that will work best for you. You can engage in either small scale production, medium scale production or large scale production.

Small Scale Production: If you are really interested in going into the business of tissue paper production but you do not have enough resources to embark on a medium or large scale production, you will be glad to know that you can engage in the business in a small scale.

The small scale production does not require a lot of capital or machines. You must not even have a big location as just a store will do just fine.

What you have to do is to get the contact information of other tissue paper manufacturers and reach an agreement with them.

You then proceed to buy the jumbo roll from them after which they will cut it to your preferred size with their machines.

All that is now left for you to do is to package the tissue paper with your brand name and you are good to go. Although you are sharing a portion of your profit with these companies, this is a way to start and with time you will have the resources to start your own production.

Just know that sometimes, these already big and established companies might not produce for you as fast as you want because they also have their own target and customers to satisfy. 

Medium Scale Production: Medium scale production is one where you handle everything from raw materials to the finish products.

It is almost like large scale production but a major difference is in the kind of machinery and equipment used. Medium scale production is one where the type of machinery and equipment used are mainly manual machines.

Of course they are more stressful to operate and don’t give as much products as the automatic machines that are used in large scale production.

Medium scale production is not a bad place to start your tissue production business from, and from here you can then save up or make plans to purchase the automatic machines to make production easier and better for you.

Large Scale Production: Large scale production requires a lot of startup capital as you will have to buy automatic machines to be able to produce in large quantities.

It is true that this scale of production is expensive to commence, but it is so much easier and the profit margin is really impressive especially if you know how to go about the business.


GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank) Account Name – Chudi-Oji Chukwuka Account No – 0044157183

After payment text your name, your e-mail address and payment details to 08060565721.



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