Yogurt production


Executive Summary

Yogurt ProductionThe proposed business will bear a unique name “Fresh Yogurt Drinks & co”
This product is produced at Charity Estate, GRA, Anambra State. The
product is a Yoghurt Drinks with a refreshing taste that nourishes the body and its
uniqueness is derived from the flavours which were as a result of ingredients used I the production. This is based on the refreshing taste it has and that’s makes it

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The main customers to this product are youths and some elders who appreciate good and quality taste yoghurt drinks and also to all that cares this is a sole Proprietorship and the proprietor Nwabueze Ogechukwu Maryjane. The future of this firm is based on the diversification of the product from synthetic base to natural base and also to create enabling marketing atmosphere for the product which can beat down competition from any other product.

The business estimate is N1,000,000 for medium scale production which will take it to a greater height.
The business is fully funded by a cooperative body (family) with me as the sole manager of the business and no loan was taken and to establish this business cost N1,000,000 if am to apply for a loan from a bank, I will use it to expand the businesslike producing more good quality and tasty yogurt drinks prior to the market and which will take an estimated period of 2-3 years. In any business the aim is a profit and an estimate of the first product should be up to 10% of the invested capital or more.

Since the yoghurt drinks are subject to fermentation, they will be stored in a rubber container, in order for it to last longer and will be stored in a cool dry place. This product will be beneficial to the society in the sense that the price rate will be cheaper compared to other products of the same quality and quantity.

Business Overview
The name of the business is Oge Fresh yogurt Drinks & co. Located at Charity Estate, GRA, Anambra State, and specialized on Yoghurt drinks and the target market is the general public especially the youths and elders.

Vision and Mission
Our mission is to be the best yogurt producing industry there is in this state and in Nigeria in less than 10 years of establishment. We have mission of achieving over 30 out of 36 states of the country, by supplying and establishing ten years of establishment.

Business Objective
Yogurt Production Business Plan In Nigeria– To achieve a sales turnover of N2,000,000 at the end of one year
– A gross profit of N900,000
– A net profit after Tax of N1,000,000 by end of one year of operation of our business
– To increase our staff salary by 20-25% one year of operation
– To increase more additional branches in Owerri and Aba within two years of establishment
Critical Success factors of the Business
– Consistency in quality products
– Market consideration/demand
– Price stabilization and affordability
Value Proportion
– Uniqueness in fragrance used
– Quality maintenance
– Branding and colour consideration to avoid stain of cloths
Legal Requirement
Legal Requirement Amount to be Spent (Budget)
– Corporate affairs registration N60, 000
– State/Local government permit licensing N15, 000
– Patent fee N100, 000
– NAFDAC number N50, 000

Contribution to Local and National Economy
– The business will help the host communities by creating employment to the youths and others.
– The business will increase the revenue of generation of the State and reduce importation of foreign based yoghurt drinks into the country

Marketing Plan

Product Description/Service Description
Product/Service Importation Features Competition Comparison
Fresh yogurt drinks Good quality and refreshing taste and a lasting quality.

Customer Service
The product will be serviced at open market and cosmetics shops and shopping malls for as long as the market is open

Description of Business Industry
The industry supplies the products to small scale and other firms for sales and marketing and also sales at different areas and through advertisement to general public.

Potential Challenges in the Business Industry
This business is to be challenged in the area of creating trust on customers to patronize the product and to lure them away from foreign base yoghurt drinks.

The Opportunity
In Nigeria, the reasons why made in the country/local products do not last is because they lack good quality and proper packaging and labeling. The design of a product and the quality of the product keeps it in the market and on the lips of customers, this product will posses all the necessary qualities and designs that will enable it to conquer in the market and draw attentions.

Target Market
The target market/customers are both male and female of all ages can consume yoghurt drinks, and working/income earners class, the location might be based on urban areas but religion is not on consideration unless otherwise developed.

Raw Materials

Hurry now, GET THE COMPLETE Yogurt Production Business Plan / Feasibility Study. To place an order, pay N10,000 to

GTBank (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account Name – Chudi-Oji Chukwuka
Account No – 0044157183

After paying, send your email and payment details to 08060565721.



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